Office Space fun….

I usually go into a red carpet with some sort of agenda.  Lucky for me it’s usually to promote a show or a movie (and not some stupid thing like ask “Tell me what you think of Trump? or can you believe Ryan Lochte!”)  This particular carpet was for an LA event called PaleyFest.  A week long festival to celebrate some amazing TV shows.  Each day an audience gets to sit in a huge auditorium (in this case the Academy Award venue Kodak Theater) and listen to a panel of actors from a big show speak and take questions from a moderator as well as the crowd.

Gary Cole was there with the cast of the HBO comedy “Veep” and I remember missing him on the red carpet procession.  I ran down to the end of the line and begged the publicist if she could get Gary to do one more interview.  She obliged.  Now  I happen to love “Veep” so we did discuss the upcoming season but my real plan was to get him to talk about his comedy “Office Space.” Most of the time actors seem to get bored of talking about their new project over and over so if you’re lucky you can get them to discuss an old movie or show.  Gary was super accomodating and even though this was a ridiculous ask I still think it’s funny. I hope you like it.


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