Why this blog…and Gene Wilder.


On the Warner Brothers lot with Patricia Heaton

I am a former TV Producer & Reporter who has been in the presence of over 1000 actors, athletes, musicians and more.   The first interview I ever did (for pay) with a celebrity was with the recently departed Gene Wilder.  To say I loved his comedy is to put it mildly.  Stir Crazy, Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are three of my favourite films of all time.

I remember with Gene it was just a phone call (or as we called it a satellite interview).  Our TV Station didn’t use a satellite so this meant I would speak with the celeb over a phone line where it was recorded back in LA or NYC and the video tape would then get mailed to me at my station in sunny Red Deer, Alberta! If Gene only knew.

Mr. Wilder was speaking with me to promote his A&E movie “Murder in Small Town” he was very cordial and of course I had no idea what I was doing.  In those 5 minutes where Gene was supposed to be promoting his movie I managed to ask about his late wife Gilda Radner (she was amazing) and his late movie partner Richard Pryor (a one of a kind co-star). You see in Entertainment TV reporters are always told to ask awkward and inappropriate questions, but it seems really crappy to do that when you have only spoken with someone for about 2 minutes, I did anyway and Gene was super nice about it.

This exchange and of course this little story got me thinking…I should seriously write this stuff down before I forget it!  So stay tuned for some hopefully fun stories of Harrison Ford trying to fix my camera, to getting drunk with Taylor Kitsch, to an Oscar winner telling me his agent once thought he was gay…jeesh. Hopefully these will entertain and give you a little insight into what I saw in this business.

Thanks and stay tuned….



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