Harrison Ford.

Like many people my age I grew up rooting for Indiana Jones and Han Solo in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  You can imagine when I found myself getting to meet Harrison Ford at Comic Con a few years back I was a little excited.

I had heard that Ford is a bit of a tough nut to crack (this was before Force Awakens) so he didn’t seem to want to discuss his old character even though everyone else did!

I’ll set the scene for you. It was 2013 and Harrison Ford was coming to Comic Con in San Diego (I believe for the first time ever) to promote “Enders Game.”  For the past 10 years this worldwide event has grown tremendously, unless you’re Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight, the chances of a big star like Harrison Ford making his way down 100 cameras in a press line are slim to none.  Lucky for me I had a publicist in my corner who magically arranged an interview in the vacant convention room just prior to the massive red carpet event next door.

I arrived about 3 hours early to set up our shoot with myself and Pablo, my awesome cameraman.  There was only one other crew who were about 25 feet away from me.  (it was a really big room).  I was told Mr. Ford would do his interview in the company of the movie’s producer Roberto Orci.  We set up 3 chairs, one for me and two for the talent.  We checked the lighting and tested the gear…and then we waited, and waited, and waited.  We finally got word that Harrison Ford was arriving 60 minutes late but arriving nonetheless so it would be worth it!

Harrison and Roberto arrived and sat down.  We were just about to begin when…the audio pack died and we had no mics!  Pablo shook his head and so I sprung into action, I ripped open the back tossed the battery across the floor, grabbed a replacement and jammed the compartment back together.  (all in front of the talent mind you) During my haste I soon realized the battery was in backwards and I slammed the pack door so badly that I couldn’t open it to fix the problem.  Harrison Ford gets up and he tries to help proclaiming…”Man that thing is really jammed in there!”.  He even grabs his keys and pulls out a tool to try and wedge it open.  I’m sweating and getting more and nervous when suddenly a lifeline is thrown my way. The other crew (who I assume has been enjoying the show) says “Would you like us to go first?” “YES YES!!”

So Ford and Orci walk over and do a 15 minute interview with the 2nd crew. Pablo and I fix the audio situation and voila we managed to get a decent interview.  I even ran into Orci a couple days later and he said “You guys got some great stuff out of Ford!”


Even seasoned reporters like myself can look like a total tool in front of a celebrity.


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